Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Subway Art

The month of May is a busy, busy month for me! I have
both of my daughters' birthdays, Mother's Day, My Father-in- Law's birthday and my in-laws' anniversary!

And we can't forget Teacher's Appreciation day!

Oh and what about if someone is at that point where they are graduating???

Whew! Tired me out just thinking about all that I need to do and gifts to have!!! uuughh!

Well, no fear...Let's take on 1 at a time. Tonight I have an idea to share for Mother's day!
How about Subway Art???? Yes, that' right...I brought up the silhouette studio software and created an original and personalized piece of framed subway art for my sweet mother! Let me share with you...

Screenshot of my software where I created it
Now see how this is original and personalized...

Here you can see how I personalized it with my mom's name...

 It was lots of fun to play with the different fonts and colors and placements! I changed it quite a few times til I got it the way I liked it...

Now I just need to print it out and go shopping for a nice frame for it! So what do you think???  If you would like to try this for your Mom I am sharing this file. The file is in Studio format for the Silhouette cutters. The software is free from the Silhouette America website.
Download Subway Art 

Once you download the file you can change the name, colors, etc. to your liking! I would love to see what you come up with...If you download the file please leave me a comment! Thanks and have fun!!!